Wednesday, April 6, 2022

You are my destiny

(2226)  Tomar arun alo amar laglo bhalo

Your crimson light-beam, to me it felt fine;
Now upon my brow pour yet more specks of mercy.
You are inside every vessel, Your machine am I;
The You within me, go on doing Your own deeds.

But for You there is naught, no one in this world!
So this fact I don't forget ever or in any manner,
There's a tie twixt You and me with love's thread;
That string I make fast, hey the great King of Kings.

Ever taking Your name, I keep moving on Your path;
I'll never be restrained, not a bit, by any snag.
Your love is unique, ever new all the time;
Decorate me with apparel to Your liking.

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