Tuesday, April 5, 2022

It's a new day

(2225)  Sagara pare ek se parii

On far coast of sea is an Uncanny Being;
Life He had colored.
Ever with a billow He comes floating;
Floating comes His song.

Auspicious day when He had called I know not;
I am going toward Him, impediments I disregard.
Roadblocks will I smash, certainly I'll proceed;
My egotism, far away is it flung.

I am moving, knowing that to none He is foreign;
By heart and mind I'm plumbing His acquaintance.
Dyed in only His hue, adverse pebbles shattering,
I march onward singing just His song of triumph.

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  1. I know that You have called; I won't let me get in the way.