Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Can I forget Thee?

(1714)  Tomare ceye tomari gan geye

On You having looked, Your song having sung,
Gazing at just Your path, I am awakened.
All good is Thine; You are light in darkness gloomy...
You remove the black hue inside of anxiety.

When I've forgotten You, I have nothing;
But having clung to Thee, I get everything.
You alone are my love and hope and peace;
In hardship and prosperity, You accompany.

In the bloom You are honey, colored-petals-concealed;
On the sky You are the moon, heaven's-nectar-besmeared.
In the three worlds only You exist, oh Sweet Lover Dear,
Thoroughly pervading and circling each and everybody.

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  1. How can I not recall the One Who is my all-in-all, my everything?