Friday, December 23, 2016

Since time immemorial

(602)  Tomari lagiya tomare bhalobasiya

Loving You, holding to You steadfast,
I go forth, adhering to Your path.
Anywhere I look, there's none Your equal;
Thinking of You, I keep doing the work at hand.

Even before the dawn of my life,
Your crimson glow had won my mind.
Since then, throughout the day and without break,
In Your cradle, my life's cadence has swayed.
Singing Your name and chasing You alone,
I fight all obstacles; I mean to reach my goal.

Your inspiration and Your awareness,
Had lent me struggle[1] that You I might attain.
Ancient[2] Companion, feeler of my every pain,
Regardless of the day, I sing Your invocation.

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