Monday, August 28, 2017

Collision course

(814)  Tava surera tane mama manavitane

In my mental pavilion, with the strains of Your melody,
Spring descended unseasonably.
With my love's upstream course and Your song's vivacity,
A dam-bursting tidal wave has washed over me.

Amid the frenzy, I am seated,
Gazing toward the path, anticipating Your arrival.
Please come speedily, impatient is the earth;
To greet You, it has flowered.

With Your sweet memory, reverie, and meditation,
In my mind I get immense bliss.
Without You, my lute lacks all rhythm;
Come sit by my side, ever smiling tenderly,
Cordially escort me on the path of righteousness.

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  1. Where devotion and divine grace meet, the bliss is boundless.