Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fitting in

(665)  Amay chariya kotha jao e nirajane

Forsaking me where do You go in a place so lonely?
Why do You make me cry while You smile inwardly?

Well have I loved You,
And You know well what would soothe;
Better for me would it be
If You did not play Your game continually.

To love You there are
Creatures by the crore, in myriads of garbs;
And so within Your heart,
Nowhere is there space for me, awake or asleep.

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  1. We constantly cry out for attention, as we all feel our relation with Him is unique. But is it so? Or is that only ego?
    This song is reminiscent of the story about the man who went knocking on heaven's door:
    "Who is there?" came from inside...
    "It is I" was the reply.
    "Sorry, there's no room here
    For both of us, you and Me."