Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Painting pictures

(98)  Shiit asiyache sathe aniyache

Winter has come and brought with it
A colored flower's portrait...
A flower without scent and without wine,
A sun with scant sunshine.

When sun was near, I used to think,
I cannot bear such extreme heat...
Oh Wrathful Lord, please show mercy,
Granting my desire for rain.
When sun was near, then clime was fair...
This is what I think today.

Listen all my cousins, hear me please,
The sun that's distant will come near...
Have no worry, do not fear.
In Earth's winter with hope's paean,
We sketch a picture of change.

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Monday, February 19, 2018

Winter of devotion

(97)  Shiite shiuli kena phote na

In winter, why are night jasmines not blooming;
The lilies, why do they not speak?
No, no, no, they do not speak...
From the cold they did shrink.

Those who remain, of You they think;
In their mind, it’s You that all beseech.
No, no, no, they do not speak...
From the cold they did shrink.

Today, within, the Earth makes merry;
Maybe it has taken note of Thee
No, no, no, it does not speak...
From the cold it did shrink.

Mind's blossom unfolds in a hundred streams;
In mind alone they've lain concealed.
No, no, no, they do not speak...
From the cold they did shrink.

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Ascetic Earth

(96)  Shishirsikta kharjuraviithi

In a dew-drenched line the date-palm trees,
With gooseflesh they are shivering.
Winter's arrived with frost freezing;
New glaciers it's constructing.

The birds and beasts, they flee
Far away to distant countries.
To survive, urgently seeking heat,
For fresh sun they are hoping.
And gentle water lilies bloom no longer,
Diffusing their shy sweetness.

Tell me now at whose beckoning
Was such trembling roused with morning?
Multicolored Earth, barren it became,
Taking a disheveled yogi's shape.

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Saturday, February 17, 2018

No pain, no gain

(95)  Candanaviithi kuyasay dhaki

Shrouding lines of sandalwood with mist,
And darkening the light of dawn,
You have come with concept of newness,
Assuming an awesome form.

Having cloaked in gloom familiar routes,
All sweetness keeping hidden,
Winter transitions have begun,
Carrying affliction.

On the far bank of darkness
Stay sunrays 'bruptly halted.
Then for but a brief moment,
The Lord of Light opens His eyes,
And makes black fog meet infinite.
Winter comes, my cousin, and so the light does rise,
Causing all things to become more and more fine.

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Winter madness

(94)  Shiiter kanpuni niye ele

Bringing winter shivers, You appeared...
Oh, Who are You,
And what is this, Your beauty?
Shrouding with snow the green fields,
Oh, Who are You,
And what is this, Your sweetness?

With a biting northern wind
On leafless roadside-tree bodies,
What unknown maxim have You writ...
Oh, what is this, Your indigence,
What is this, Your stinginess?

With blizzards setting hearts aquiver,
All herbs and creepers losing glamor,
What unknown song is getting sung;
Amid the love what is this callousness?

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

His bounty

(93)  Hemanteri dhaner gandhe

With prewinter's scent of paddy rice,
The harvest fest[1] comes to mind.
The crop is offered with devotion,
In Your supplication.

Filled with many stars are the heavens;
Sweet and gentle are the mild winds.
The river's full and in spate,
Streaming out a hundred ways.

In the sky, in water, and on land,
Everything today is scintillant.
On everybody's face is a sweet smile;
Worn is the crown of delight.

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(92)  Hemanta aji prate eseche

This morning prewinter has come;
Bathing in frost, it has come.
Why has it come, why has it come?
Because it will embellish you, it has come.

Dahlias and chrysanthemums it has brought,
And it has laughed with paddy's golden stalks.

Sweetness of pomelo it has brought,
And it has laughed with orange trees, touched by color.

Scent of jujube flowers it has brought,
And it has laughed with juice-exuding date palms.

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