Wednesday, March 21, 2018

You're my everything

(927)  Eso dhiire dhiire, manasa kamala pare

Stepping slowly please arrive
Upon the lotus of my mind.
There have I made ready
Everything for Thee.

I've brought floral honey
And poured it in Your cup, my Darling.
The seed-vessels of my mind are filled
With nectar, moon-instilled.
Come to me momentarily;
My all revolves around Thee.

With celestial fragrance coated is
My heart, smeared with Your pollen.
More than the oceans and the rivers
Are my eyes filled with water.
Stay with me eternally;
My mind is full only of Thee.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Even if

(926)  Puspe tomar hasi

In the flowers is Your grin;
With what fragrance does it waft in?
Nigh lost is the time of flute's enchantment,
Sweet Fall nights, and much moonlight.

Even if You don't return or wish to stay,
Never give Your love, keeping far away.
Appear and speak in my dreams;
"I cherish you"... please say to me.

Your game with me is perennial,
A fete of liila in a web of maya.
In Your play, I cry, I laugh, I grieve;
With love my heart keeps overflowing.

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Monday, March 19, 2018


(925)  Ei na sona jhara prabhate

Oh my, with gold-dripping mornings
And late nights filled with light,
On Ajay's shore, girdled by dreams,
The days, they pass by...
My days, they pass by.

From beneath the hills of Chakai,
Having descended, ever dancing,
With tunes of the sulphide Kunur River,
Ajay races toward a place in the east.

The reddish soil of Birbhum district
And the green grass of Bardhaman,
With loving heart the Ajay touches,
Streaming toward its destination.

The footdust of great poets
Sanctifies the Ajay's body,
Which fills Nagesars with sweet scent
And all sweet girls with beauty.

Oh River, I do love you...
You're my lamp of hope.
Your radiant splendor issues
Upon sands of gold.

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

When you're ready

(924)  Ganeri sroter tane

Borne on a stream of songs alone,
I've set afloat the golden boat.
Those of you who'd go with Me,
Come forward now, come speedily.

This boat stops not at every quay;
You who proceed, please do take heed.
Those who seek refuge with one-pointed mind,
Them only I invite full-throatedly.

Oarsman and helmsman, both am I;
I also haul boat-anchor lines.
To plumb the fathoms only I know well...
Will you not take a look, give it a try?

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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Life changing

(923)  Esechile alor srote

You'd arrived on a light-stream,
To be my fountainhead of bliss,
To fill my every pore with amity,
To clear away the gloomy mist.

On a dark-moon night pitch-black,
With Your selfless and Your silent hand,
You held aloft the lamp of faith,[1]
That I might walk, a smile on my face.

I can't ignore all of these recollections,
With heart's lyre this hymn is sung.
Your love is unitary and collective,
New tunes ever to make heard.

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Let's get to work

(922)  Atal sindhur mani tumi

You're the jewel of bottomless sea,
The light of pitch-dark night.
We don't know or even recognize Thee,
And yet You still give love.

In the mind a flood of hope You bring
To those with heart broke by despair.
Piercing our lives both night and day,
For our satisfaction You lavish heaps of nectar.

In Your divine presence we do lack for nothing;
A speck of mercy is already with us.
What You've given, You have given in abundance;
Our work having been decreed, come on let's go.

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The sea of shapes

(921)  Amar ghare tumi ele, ei abelay path bhule

Into my shrine You came;
At this ill time, have You forgot the way?
In maya's web with gold wires am I snared;
You dyed my life in some strange game.

Today, heaven's song overflows sweetly;
Into finite ears that ambrosia's pouring.
With limitless into limited, so You are proclaimed;
Why are You disseminated in such way?

Today, a tuneful fragrance flies on a nameless airplane;
With the rush of unknown ages, it continues to exhilarate.
That same acquaintance, that same hearts' exchange,
It just takes place on the bank of the sea of shapes.

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