Sunday, November 9, 2014

The cloud of dharma

(138)  Ami jedike takai heri o rupa keval

Wherever I look, I see only His form.
In both outer and inner worlds, He shines brightly.
In the air and sky, He floats serenely.
In flowers, He smiles with magical sweetness.
In my heart, He sings in an unspoken tongue.
In dance, He draws near with dulcet steps.

How can I forget Him?
Ever He rocks the cradle of the seven realms.[1]
If to hide, I go to mountain caves,
If to be obscure, I go dressed in blue to the blue sky—
Wherever I look, He is there, around me.
He smiles even in the black pupil of my eyes.

Whenever I try to forget Him, I do not forget—
I do not forget.
To leave Him and go on living, how hard it is—
How hard it is.
Wherever I look, I see only His form.
He is inside me, smiling brightly.

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