Thursday, May 4, 2017


(728)  Jiivan sarita mor bahiya jay

Ever onward flows my life-stream,
Drawn to Thee, Lord, drawn to Thee.
In varied rhythms and waves it dances along
To Your song, Lord, to Your song.

Hitting many hard rocks, many pebbles and stones,
Thorn-filled forests aplenty I've walked across.
My trek is unceasing, no end do I view,
Bound toward You, Lord, bound toward You.

Many life stories quite ordinary,
The ancient hearts' anxieties...
They reconstruct a hamlet's loquacity,
Smashing its market's hushed peace.
Desperate bosoms' innermost grief,
Funeral-pyre ashes' granular history...
With all I proceed, and I speak;
I pursue an expedition of Your love.

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  1. Each of us carries our ancestors further along an unending journey to the Supreme.