Sunday, June 26, 2022

The extent of Your grace

(2308)  Tumi amay bhalabasiyacho

You are loving me;
I have gone off far-distant.
To my pain a balm You're giving;
I have forgotten that.

Like desert-heat on grief's distress,
From social suppression compassionless,
At any time, pain-stricken, when I've wept,
I've received Your solace.

With both hands, You've only kept giving away;
A return gift I did not give in exchange.
Your prescripts I have wished to break;
I have observed egotism.

Disregarding sin and merit, You have lavished mercy;
Mind You have frenzied with affection's honey.
You have made me bathe in love's stream;
I am not fathoming it.

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  1. To my dismay, I don't reciprocate. My vanity gets in the way.