Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What's the secret?

(22)  Ogo bandhu balite paro

My abiding friend, can You say
What You do throughout the day?

Whatever comes, whatever goes—
It all takes place at Your feet.
In Your mind everything is inscribed.
With all that in Your mind, what do You do?

So much happiness and sweetness,
So much sorrow and resentment—
How do You go on playing Your divine sport?
Tell me confidentially, what more is there?

Sarkarverse article
Audio recording

Baba's exposition:
We human beings remain preoccupied with worldly activities. Buying, selling, bathing, eating – in these, we keep ourselves engaged. O Paramapuru┼Ťa, what do You do all day? Please tell me in what kind of activity You keep Yourself busy. Yours is the macrocosm. All the thoughts, all the ideas of the universe are all within Your mind. In that cosmic macrocosm, I fail to understand what You do and how You can manage with so many thoughts and so many feelings, with all the joys and sweetness, with all the sorrows and miseries of all the creatures. If I were in Your situation I would become mad. What do You do with all Your ideas and expressions? And not only that, there have been certain polarizations regarding Your thoughts and expressions, ideas and activities. Some people are Your ardent supporters, some are against You; some dearly love You, and some are vehemently opposed to You. With all Your supporters and opponents, how do You continue playing Your liila? It is something wonderfully strange. As much as I have understood, I still have become confused. Now the question arises – I want to know from You very secretly – besides all these, have You got any other personal secret with You? Please tell me. I want to say something to You. Be with me and hear me. When due to sorrow I am unable to say anything, hear me also then. While on the journey of my life, when I feel tired, at that time also be with me, inspire me and remove my afflictions.

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