Thursday, May 1, 2014

You are the pristine light

(23)  Nutaner alok ogo

My Lord, You are the pristine light.
From what great distance have You come?
Now the rhythms of the universe
Dance round and round You.

I remember my gloomy nights,
Clouded with deep solitude.
Spreading ever-new wings
You came flying, piercing the darkness.

All dejection has lifted.
Today, every hope has blossomed.
All-pervasive love
Now floods the whole cosmos.

Sarkarverse article
Audio recording

Baba's exposition:
O Paramapuru┼Ťa, You are the new light. Piercing through the veil of Cimmerian darkness, soaring on Your ever-new wings, You have appeared before me and the world as an apostle of newness and an apostle of life. And all the rhythms of the universe are dancing around You. With Your arrival, all frustrations have disappeared, and today hope prevails everywhere. The entire universe has been flooded with a wave of love, and all living beings have started to love each other.

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