Saturday, May 17, 2014

Because You came

(30)  Tumi marme ese amar ghum bhaungale

Because You came my deep sleep was shattered.
You painted my mind with Your own color.

Gone is the road weariness.
Gone are the misunderstandings.
The disturbing attachments of life are no more;
With Your own hand, You removed them from my mind.
In Your rhythm my existence is graciously given to dance.

Gone are honor and insult.
Gone are gain and accumulation.
You removed these burdens from my mind;
You graciously filled me with Your effulgence.

Sarkarverse article
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Baba's exposition:
You roused me from my deep slumber, and You have colored my mind with Your color. The tiredness of my journey is gone. The misunderstandings have disappeared. And all the pollutions of mind have vanished. You removed them with Your own hand. Because of Your intense love for me, my very existence has become a dance, full of rhythm. You have touched the very core of my mind. Gone are the feelings of pride and prestige. Gone are the thoughts of gain and accumulation. You removed all these heavy burdens from my mind and filled me with Your infinite light.

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