Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Standing alone at the wayside

(56)  Ke go tumi pathapashe danriye eka

Who are you standing alone at the wayside,
Eyes full of tears, eyes full of tears?
Who are you, gazing alone at the blue yonder,
Arms lifted upward, arms lifted upward?

What you wanted, you did not get.
What you got, you did not want.
The longings of your mind are not satiated.
The love filling your heart has evaporated.

Those you wanted, you loved.
From them in return, you received hate.
You have lost everything, and what have you gained?
Your only acquisition is the song filling your throat.

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1 comment:

  1. Every song of Baba is so deep in meaning, one can ponder on it for a long time,
    It has an exquisite beauty,
    The melody always sounds mystical, I guess it is the Oriental scale, less common for westerner's ears...and not always so easy to imitate...
    Every song initiates a different mood in me, with an outcome always healing,
    creating more space in my mind, and slowly making agony fade away.

    Thank you for creating this opportunity,