Saturday, April 25, 2015

Spiritual essence

(273)  Andhar nishiithe tumi esechile

At darkest night You came,
Bearing the splendor of effulgence.
In my desert heart You made a delightful,
Cooling current flow.

You came in the silent hours
On a sweet and gentle, tender breeze.
All my pettiness, all my wretchedness,
You washed far away.

Then a tremor rose through earth and sky;
In every heart was the same drive.
All my ego mingled with dust,
Generating flecks of ambrosia.

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  1. Thus we find that the second stage [of neohumanism], that of spiritual essence, will take place in the psychic and spiritual realms; it will occur in the collective psychic mind, in the collective ectoplasm of all humanity. Then the global thought processes of humanity will take an entirely new turn, and that will also strengthen humanity's collective spirit. Humanity as a whole will become converted into a powerful spiritual force; and, in that stage, no pseudohumanistic strategy will work. All other ástras [weapons] will become completely powerless before this Brahmástra [mightiest spiritual weapon].

    from "Neohumanism Is The Ultimate Shelter (Discourse 11)" of The Liberation Of Intellect: Neohumanism