Friday, October 27, 2017

In His vision

(861)  Akhanda mane anidra dhyane

With mindful introspection and resolve unflagging,
On the eastern skyline You appeared.
Sunbeams and a gentle breeze,
Not even they were present on that morning;
On that morning only You were there.

Heaven's nectar or just a speck of dust,
Fruit on plants or flowers' loveliness,
Riverstreams or any form of sweetness...
Nothing was upon earth's surface;
So, with Your own hues, You did paint it.

Unadorned was this Creation–
Undressed in Your vision.
With lustrous golden decoration,
You have covered everything.

Attentive was Your austerity,
New moon's dense gloom cleaving.
With sunbeams and a gentle breeze,
You've made the flowers bloom, swaying.

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