Monday, December 4, 2017

Giving of Himself

(24)  Hathata ele hathata gele

Oh my Friend, suddenly You came and left
Amid the night so dense.
With a smile, You came and said: "I am very busy;
Now I take my leave, my leave."

"Many persons crave so many things;
Surely something I must give.
In negotiation I am occupied;
And so there is no time, no time."

"In many corners of the earth,
Many persons plead in confidence.
Go to them also must I;
The time, where do I find, I find?"

"Those who ask nothing from Me,
In truth they want just everything.
To their call too I'd give reply;
Theirs is the call that I desire."

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  1. We want so many things from Him, but what is it He wants from us?