Sunday, December 24, 2017

Yellow leaves

(900)  Piita parnaguli jhare jay

Yellow leaves are dropping off;
And, in the bamboo grove, no stir is brought;
Alas, without a sound, on the wind they waft.

The moon that was in the heavens–
Where has she gone, now sunken;
And who wants to keep looking for her?

That cloud, upon which seeing
Peacocks were all dancing,
To what distant realm has it vanished?
The Unscheduled Visitor
Who'd intoned His song,
His memory floats away, off to kingdom come.

Some remnant of His sweet smile,
A jingling tone did it revive–
It plucks the strings of my heart's lyre.

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  1. Even in absentia, He abides in heart and mind. Even on the point of dying, He imbues our lives.