Monday, March 19, 2018


(925)  Ei na sona jhara prabhate

Oh my, with gold-dripping mornings
And late nights filled with light,
On Ajay's shore, girdled by dreams,
The days, they pass by...
My days, they pass by.

From beneath the hills of Chakai,
Having descended, ever dancing,
With tunes of the sulphide Kunur River,
Ajay races toward a place in the east.

The reddish soil of Birbhum district
And the green grass of Bardhaman,
With loving heart the Ajay touches,
Streaming toward its destination.

The footdust of great poets
Sanctifies the Ajay's body,
Which fills Nagesars with sweet scent
And all sweet girls with beauty.

Oh River, I do love you...
You're my lamp of hope.
Your radiant splendor issues
Upon sands of gold.

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1 comment:

  1. Onward, ever onward, the river flows unto its goal. Along its way, it sprinkles grace.