Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Love's colors

(912)  Malayanile tumi esechile

In a vernal breeze You had arrived;
You had come with bundle of charming styles.
On mango blossoms You had smiled;
With shades of guelder-rose You gave reply.

Frozen was the world in wintry stream;
Heat You had brought into its every body.
Into delicate buds decked with tender leaves,
Unbidden, You'd infused ambrosia heavenly.

In gold-magnolia forests and in bauhinia gardens,
In sweet honey of bees and in the fragrant winds,
In the nectar of psyches wed to throbbing heart-heavens,
With love's hues You imbued a transcendental cadence.

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  1. He brightens and enlivens with pigments of His affection.