Monday, December 4, 2023

Is there good reason?

(2843)  Dure kena acho prabhu, kache ele kii ksati hato

Faraway, Lord, for what reason are You;
Coming near, what became a detriment?
As much as You've remained unlimited,
That much are You space-transcendent.

As much as You are all-surrounding,
Molecules and atoms filling,
Out and in illuminating,
Not by shape or trait impeded...

You and I are not two persons;
I am Thine, Your creation.
Upon stream adrift like a blossom,
In Your cosmic play am I ever...

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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Divine mercy

(2842)  Ganer dhara egiye cale

A stream of song goes ahead
Along a path per its desire.
It moves with straight intent, in danger stays erect;
It heeds no prohibition arising from crooked guile.

With painted daybreak on dawn's eastern mountain,[1]
A song the birds start singing in music pleasant.
Returned home to evening's nest, the birds sing again;
To brimming they fill the sky.

With the roar of thunder, You go on singing;
With lightning's guffaw, You make us quake in fear.
But hope You infuse in the despondent psyche,
This the world does realize.

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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Just busywork?

(2841)  Sagara belay gan geyechile

On the seashore, a song You'd sung;
Me alone You'd been with.
Collecting shells, a skirt I've filled;
What use in that, I did not consider.

Day has gone away, come has the dusk;
Ocean having painted, the sun has sunk.
Shell-gathering has been obstructed;
There's no work imminent.

Always spinning in night's gloom I am ruined;
The shells too don't remain visible.
Let me be told what I must do, Love,
To go cross the darkness.

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Friday, December 1, 2023

I move ahead

(2840)  Niilambu dharay bhese jay

On a high-sea current sails along
My psychic boat.
By action and reaction under turbulent winds,
Where it goes, that I do not know.

How often the sun sinks and rises–
A dappled light sprawls upon ocean.
Line of rain is traced on forehead;
Day and night, it comes and goes.

This traveling is for my welfare only–
Proceeding methodically, saying nothing.
Remaining forgotten is all life's agony,
Disregarding lightning and thunderbolts.

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My Goal Supreme

(2839)  Vishver parashmani

Universal Philosopher's Stone,
You are everyone's Beloved.
Greatest, I know, it's You alone;
In gloom, hope's light-essence.

Not having held You dear,
In hope of Whom I'll persevere?
Night jasmine are with fragrance floating;
In the kush and kash Your love is there.
On autumn clouds silvery
Rises just Your memory;
It removes the darkness,
All Earth's burden of distress.

Dances the peacock of my psyche;
Your compassion he entreats.
He desires You be near;
In trade, a fantail-necklace.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Don't let me get distracted

(2838)  Kadamba tale tumi esechile

Under a kadam tree You had arrived;
In that same direction repeatedly my psyche races.
Akin to an ocean upon expanse of sky,
By a dancing row of waves everyone is excited.

You had been here, and there was a world of beauty;
Although two, atom and Huge, they had adhered.
Tiny and Great, they had been in harmony;
My heart, dam broken, yielded to no obstacle.

Barricades and blame and social calumny–
All fear I have ditched, the whole calamity.
My wish, just to gain You still more near;
Having come on mind-sky, smile at time of mist.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Awaiting Your advent

(2837)  Amar malaince phutechilo

In my floral garden there had bloomed
So many flowers, oh don't You know it?
They will drop neath sunlight's heat;
Do You not notice?

Day has departed with hopes aplenty;
Flower-petal colors have gone missing.
Fragrance and nectar have flowed into nothing;
To comprehend are You unable?

When will they arrive, those same months of spring;
They will laugh once more, fruit and bloom thrilling.
Upon a moonlit night on azure sky,
Noting love, You will give in.

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