Thursday, May 19, 2022

Your qualities I cannot conceive

(2272)  Manane bhuvan bhariya rayecho

By thought the world You have been filling;
Nonetheless, why do You not show Yourself?
What's Your sport, I don't comprehend,
Through light and fest, through my life's wine,
Hey, the All-Pervasive Consciousness.

On rows of waves You race in every direction;
You don't tolerate the disgrace of darkness.
Smiling, You keep floating with life's pollen;
What a shining implication endless!

I cannot imagine Your virtuous story;
From one all alone You have become many.
Hey the Dear Ocean, Great and Perfect Knowledge,
How much have You become scattered?

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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

If only in my dreams

(2271)  Cetanay pai ni tomay

With You I did not reclaim consciousness,
For You'd arrived in a dream
And went not tied into thought;
Neath liking's binding You appeared.

By day and night, for You I've pined,
Upon life's buffets and reprisals,
With the gain and loss, large or small,
With every rise and fall.

My worthiness You discern,
Who merits kindness You observe;
And so on strings of love You pull,
Inside each eye to preserve.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

By Your mercy

(2270)  Tumi ele alo jvele

You arrived, a light igniting;
You removed the darkness gloomy.
Past imagination, in birth You appeared,
Through form making replete.

That which cannot be,
You made it happen through mercy.
You are the ocean of compassion,
Dripping abundantly.

I am frail intellect, You're the sea of wisdom;
At will, You have built the seven regions.
I am unit being, You're the Supreme Lord,
Holding me dear.

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Monday, May 16, 2022

Painted clues

(2269)  Arup tomar ruper liilay

By Your play of form, oh the Formless,
What is this palanquin You bequeathed?
Mid the mind color You did smear;
Mentality You seized.

For me what had been in private,
Only that became Your favorite.
Layer after layer, stealthily,
You made bloom the buds of psyche.

Skyward the line of sight travels,
Hoping for arrival of which Guest,
Mysterious, by Whose fondness,
Lamp of hues was lit?

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Sunday, May 15, 2022

The path of Neohumanism

(2268)  Alote bhese sahasa ese

Having appeared suddenly, rising on lightrays,
A Fairy many-colored sings a song.
All bitterness, pain, and distress;
By sweetness He lets them be veiled.

He states: "I've come, the call I've heard;
Your pain I've understood.
Believe or not, but to My words pay heed:
Yourselves do I love.

"There was a time when none was there;
I was here by Myself.
Then you've arrived and Mine you've been;
You have fathomed anxiousness.
With me please come, for I'm resilient;
Unto heaven I will take through Neohumanism."

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Saturday, May 14, 2022

If lenient You would be

(2267)  Tomari priitite mugdha ami prabhu

My Lord, I'm fascinated by only Your love;
The equal of Your qualities I don't receive.
Hey the One beyond both time and form,
Having come into time, shapes You make constantly.

Yourself, none can bind;
None can befuddle You through any guile.
The sadhana for all is Your love-ties;
But even knowingly, duped, we keep forgetting.

Hey the Transcendent One, Sustainer of the Universe,
Upon Your grace the seven realms are reliant.
Having forgotten Thee on shoreless sea of blind attachment,
That I not keep drifting, for this same kindness I plead.

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Friday, May 13, 2022

He creates, decorates, and also wakes

(2266)  Gane jegechile tumi prane

By music, within life You had risen;
Humankind You did waken
Through the touch of Your hymns.
With delight all were thrilled,
Both the heart and mind filled.

You exist, and thus I am living;
Blissfully I dance to Your melody.
I have loved You only,
With a pulse of ambrosia.

Hey the Creator, Couturier, and Musician,
For everybody, the soul's relation,
Of all entities You are the combination,
With sweet resonance of the Infinite.

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