Thursday, August 18, 2022

Show Yourself

(2365)  Tomare ceye tomari kache

Having wanted You, only Your presence,
To an unknown place my days are sailing.
Golden are those days but can't be saved
In golden cage of my psyche.

Yourself I adore, so You alone I appraise;
In thought of You I survive night and day.
Contemplating You, experience of Yourself,
My mind longs to gain peace within Thee.

Behind matter have elapsed ages aplenty,
And many days of this brief life are passing.
Master, no more delay, there's not much time;
Please display Your kind mercy.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

I don't want to hold You here

(2364)  Nandanavane ese cale gele

At a pleasure grove You arrived and then left,
Whereto, please say where.
Graciously, embrace You'd granted;
Gone away, day passes in tears.

Had You not granted embrace, it's a kindness;
Who has power that will make You held?
Those abrim with egotism fall down bent and broken;
They don't find peace in the least.

Dearest, You are equanimity's foundation;
You keep purging all the gloom of infatuation.
Mid thunderclaps, in hurricane and tempest,
Coruscates Your light-beam.

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A mystery

(2363)  Na janiye esechile

Unannounced You'd appeared;
You departed without warning.
Your love, the song immortal,
Around Earth, You did fling.

World You've formed out of love;
Unique is the affection.
Amity's boundless ocean,
You keep playing hide-and-seek.

With song You filled up psyche;
You drove wild with tunes aplenty.
The three realms[1] You set a-swaying,
Making fall ambrosia heavenly.

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Monday, August 15, 2022

You are my only sunshine

(2362)  Tomar asar tithi bhule gechi

I have forgotten the date of Your coming;
I forgot You not, my Darling.
Flowers of Your garland have dropped off;
Unshed was the sweetness of the wreath.

With You that nectar You had brought,
You'd poured it out amid heart-core.
With just its bliss in every pore,
The dance of existence did not cease.

In this same birth You arrive and depart;
You shower honey on the light and the dark.
Giving the mind sway, You laugh and mark;
In past I did not grasp this history.

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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Adorn my love

(2361)  Ankhir taray theko tumi priya

In eye's pupil, You please stay, Love,
Near to me night and day;
May there be no fear of Your loss
Amid the storm or hurricane.

In sorrow and grief, in mourning's utter pain,
Under a wasteland-heat, red with rage,
Relief I do not crave, listening in case
Your ankle-bells play.

I have affection, I want nothing, Love;
Please let there be sweetness at heart's core.
With that sweetness may be granted an embrace,
Fondness charmingly arrayed.

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Saturday, August 13, 2022

His bliss is contagious

(2360)  Jiivan asave chanda tumi

In the wine of existence, You are rhythm,
Sweet and gentle touch of love.
In flower-buds, You're aroma,
Hymn sent upward without reservation.

All want to get close to Thee,
To go with You, in Your company.
Thinking of You, in thought of You only,
Does anyone not get satisfaction!

You are waiting at the root of everybody,
On a riverbank with affection heavenly.
On nights of new moon gloom or of moonlit gleam,
Overflowing exudes Your elation.

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Friday, August 12, 2022

My hopes and dreams...

(2359)  Paye dhare paye dhare vinati kari

Catching feet, catching feet, I entreat:
Please don't go, You, please don't go.
Many a day I'd been waiting for Your coming,
Please don't tear my bud of hope.

The tree that had been watered,
Had risen full of fruit, buds, and flowers.
Muse on it, think about its emotions;
Fruitless don't let it devolve.

From crimson dawn to blushing dusk,
Each moment's passed in just Your thought.
Don't dash those hopes of mine with dejection;
Make them fruitful by holy effort.

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