Monday, September 26, 2022

There is no escape

(2407)  Dharar bandhan chinrte nari

Worldly ties I cannot rend;
They've hemmed in at every step.
These restraints, sweet and alluring,
Even You, Hari, are bound by them.

Transcendent One, with traits You did become;
Having two hands, a constraint You wore.
From the formless You came into form,
Infusing sweetness redolent.

If You get merged in the state featureless,
The world of desire will vanish then.
Unfamiliar will become the known realm,
Recalling at last, though after the end.

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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Still more a blessing than a victory

(2406)  Katha diye nahi ele kena

Why, after having pledged, You did not appear;
What's the reason, what is this Your love!
You did not fathom my inner aspiration;
Night and day, privately but constantly,
I have kept on singing expressions of affection.

With Your dye exclusively, mind I stained;
Following Your path alone, I came.
Yourself as substance I acclaimed;
Only 'round You are crying and laughter.

Only for Your sake everything will I do;
At the core of heart I will retain You.
I'll continue sailing on Your tune;
Fruitful will it be, coming to the earth.

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Saturday, September 24, 2022

How long were You planning this?

(2405)  Andharer bandha cire

Ebony's bondage rending,
Advent of effulgence
Had been in which antiquity;
Of it was there no day or moment?

Mid that very paucity
What work were You doing?
Were You in a formless clothing?
Did You have no intent?

Had You been in depths of dream?
In those deeps a flute were You playing?
And with that same tune, did You bring
Awakening of existence?

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Thursday, September 22, 2022

You shall approach

(2404)  Tumi jadi na asibe

If perhaps You won't be coming,
With what hope are ears attentive?
For Whose sake with floral string,
A garland strung into hair bun?

Upon that path You shall appear;
My hearing will remain just there.
On only that thought there must be
Conception's efficaciousness.

Whatever flowers are in psyche,
They have bloomed on account of You only.
They have brimmed with fragrance sweet,
Abolishing my emptiness.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

For the win

(2403)  Candanasar manidyutihar

Essence of sandalwood, necklace of jeweled splendor,
You are endemic to everybody's heart.
But Yourself who recognizes, who really knows?
Incomprehensible, You are vast without shore.

Through reasoned debate whenever I've investigated,
I've returned, having become frustrated.
But in contemplation, whenever I've been immersed,
Then time and again, You have come to the fore.

Vanity had kept me far away;
It had kept life's lantern veiled.
But that same covering, when casting off,
Then with You I became one.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Have we met before?

(2402)  Akashe bhese ase

On the sky He sails in;
In the mind a throbbing He awakens.
Oh Who came into my heart, mistaking direction?
How is it that with You I am not familiar!

Unknowingly, Yourself have I desired
In every sympathetic echo of life.
I did not imagine You'll appear in this style;
Oh my, what I see: ambrosia brims over!

Hey Unexpected Guest, today You came, ignoring date;
In psyche and in heart acquaintance was made.
At inmost core You went on singing an undying strain;
At no time can that ever be forgotten!

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Monday, September 19, 2022

Caring Lord

(2401)  Nandita tumi akashe vatase

You are celebrated by the air, by the sky;
In country after country You are glorified.
Heavenly splendor and the thought of welfare,
Within You they've stayed combined.

Except You, none else is anywhere;
Anyplace I gaze, full of You is everything.
In pollen of a blossom, in color of sunrise,
You run on dancing, having prized.

Yourself for many days I did not perceive;
Ambrosia in rainfall, in You, I failed to see.
By that stream of nectar all attain vitality;
Earth, overflowing, rises with a smile.

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