Friday, March 24, 2023

I exist for You only

(2583)  Kusumita vane ekla vijane

At a garden blooming, alone and lonely,
For You I'd been waiting.
Bird's chirping and a zephyr's fan,
They had kept on calling me.

On my sky two moons aren't there;
Mind drifts with Your moonlight smiling,
In mirth and in sorrow, in grins and tears,
Around You only, hey Divinity.

In both life and death, I've yearned for Thee
At each and every moment of my being;
Remembering just You I float in tears,
Time after time on the shrine of psyche.

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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Please don't turn off the light

(2582)  Tandraghore chilo ankhi

Eyes had grown lethargic;
On Your light they rose awakened.
Admitting defeat by moonbeams,
They let coating by life's pollen.

Much as I mean to forget, I'm unable;
Mind of mine became absorbed.
As for Your love and affection,
Like a forest-doe I am nervous.
Oh the One fit to adore, You please come;
Gazing at Your path alone, I'm accustomed.

Arrival and departure, it is common,
Staying only for time short.
In my moment, with light constant,
Please fulfill; grace I implore.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

By only Your mercy

(2581)  Tomay amay pratham dekha, kabe halo go nei mane

Twixt You and me, our first meeting,
When it was, oh long ago, it is not in mind.
Day, date, and the time, morning or evening,
Absentmindedly, in oblivion was I.

Time flows ever on, in the rhythm of movement;
It tarries not, pausing for impediment.
The sun sets, and moon also is defeated;
But in private, You continue to smile.

They come and leave, ages after ages;
The sun that sets, once again shows itself.
A vanquished heart gets life afresh,
By only Your mercy; who does not realize!

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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

The details I forget...

(2580)  Tomay amay dekha halo, kon tithite nei mane

Between us occurred a meeting;
On which day is not in mind.
I recall I was forgetting
Each and every mundane tie.

That subject I cannot forget;
In joy and grief, today I still recollect.
Staying forgot and failing to remember
Aren't the same, all persons realize.

It did feel good, Your light-beams;
They cast aside my mental ebony.
Blended were both bad and fitting
In the pulse of love sublime.

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Monday, March 20, 2023

Bedazzled and amazed

(2579)  Niil akashe tarar pradiip

On blue sky, a lamp of stars
You came igniting.
Sunk in sleep, the firmament in stupor,
It became glittering.

Your beauty has no equal;
The depth of Your virtue is unplumbed.
In Your ideation, all my needs
I can stay forgetting.

When there'd been no Creation,
In what way were You back then?
Do go on, whisper to me,
Please relate that story.
That same string of words I'll preserve
At base of my altar to Your memory.

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Sunday, March 19, 2023


(2578)  Cand hesechilo

Moon had grinned;
Cloud had drifted
To the far sky on a mild breeze.
Nectar of consciousness had arisen.

Everyone has craved the moon's light
On Earth and in heaven, and in the realm of mind.
With a song fortuitous and thrilling vitality,
A pleasing spring season had capered.

Mind has gone a-sailing in this same atmosphere,
From distant to remote, in direction of Thee.
Looking, I see: Closer, You had been behind me,
When the moon and cloud had played together.

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Saturday, March 18, 2023

Only those who love

(2577)  Tumi ele dhulir samsare

On a dusty world You appeared,
Together with light-beams
In a gloom-dark dwelling.

Some have recognized, but some did not;
Some have known, but some knew not.
Some, loving, have come close; but some even came not.
Arrive or not, You invite everybody.

Some say You are tenderhearted;
Some say no one else so ruthless does exist.
Often sweetness embodied, but disaster for a bit;
You set those created afloat on tears.

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