Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Please see

(2922)  Mane chilo asha shudhu bhalabasa

Only love: In mind had been the hope;
More than this, not a bit did I crave.
With many hues and golden rays of light,
No pearl or heap of jewels did I seek.

Visits are the gist in this mundane life;
How little is the substance they can provide!
Come they and leave; upon the mirror of mind,
What once had been, the same went off a-sailing.

By that love the cosmos is firmly held;
Around You it is dancing forever.
A flow of compassion is steadily shed;
Of that one fleck please give to me, smiling.

Magnificent gems and strings of gold;
Every one is baseless, an existential load.
Apotheosis, Master, is You alone;
Arriving with kindly eyes, behold me.

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Monday, February 19, 2024

Together is our destiny

(2921)  Tomare bhalabesechi, tomar katha bheve jai

I have held You dear;
Of You I go on thinking.
Please come close to me;
Nothing else do I crave.

You'd been mine back in antiquity;
Why flung remote will You concede?
Why would you go and forget me?
Today, this I explain.

In future too You'll persevere;
You won't be wiped from psyche.
Even if wishing it, You won't succeed;
As I know, hence I daresay.

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I stand in awe

(2920)  Mane mane ekii karecho

Oh my, what have You done, inwardly;
You have enticed me.
By the light of day You've kept smiling;
With night's ebon You've gone into hiding.

All the yogiis from age after age,
Around You they celebrate.
Staying on flower's body at an unknown place,
With fragrance You've made replete.

I am a servant, extremely simple;
I know not scripture, I know not doctrine.
Morning and evening, within my mind,
Why have You gone on calling?

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Sunday, February 18, 2024

Living in Your paradise

(2919)  Ke tumi ele aji

Now Who are You that just arrived?
My flower tray, full, You supplied.
Hymns You poured in air, on sky,
Dancing frenzied by love's light!

Oh the Panacea of my life,
I deem You only as the highest prize,
The Dearest One, because I realize:
By Your flow of kindness I survive.

On the heavens You strew sweetness;
Wind You fill with a sweet scent.
You rouse life in those distressed,
Both earth and sea, dressing in countless styles.

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Friday, February 16, 2024

Sweet grace

(2918)  Andhar sagare tumi ke

Who are You on the dark sea?
Ever smiling You appeared.
After emitting sweetness of psyche,
Then, lamp ignited, You did leave.

In the pitch darkness, I could not see a bit;
For self-knowledge, I've pursued chimeras.
But You disillusioned me;
The path You revealed.

The path's goal, Lord, You can furnish well;
About Your path, who else will know, do tell?
You bestowed mercy
By filling with vitality.

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Thursday, February 15, 2024

I never asked You to go

(2917)  Baliniko jao

I never told, "Do leave";
"Come anew", to You I speak.
You're a dark world's light for everyone;
You love everybody.

In the depths of gloomy darkness,
When to see I am not able,
With a hundred moons' luster,
Pearl-dripping please do beam.

In everyone's psychic realm, meditation-worthy;
With linguistic rhythm, fit to be revered;
The mental honey, kindly let be smeared...
Please arise on sky of psyche.

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For You, my Lord, anything

(2916)  Danrao ksanik ajana pathik

Unknown Traveler, tarry for a moment brief;
Obeisance I make to Thee.
You are the ocean's gem, of deep abyss;
And hence familiar I can't be.

At my mental arbor You alone I desire;
Your hymn I sing in my garden-paradise.
You have been fulfilling me all the time;
Yourself I remember constantly.

Hey the most Beloved from times long ago,
Kindly pull everyone still more close.
Of Your burden, grant me a tiny load;
Without indecision, that will I carry.

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