Friday, July 1, 2022

Strict but lenient

(2315)  Tomar tomar tomar

Your, Your, Your...
Your love has built the universe.
Immensely allured and with face smiling greatly,
At heart all have wanted to acquire Thee.

None is unrelated, none is distant;
Everyone is kin, everyone is pleasant.
Everybody watched over, everybody frenzied,
To myriad rhythms, they have gone on dancing.

In the cosmic liila You are the central gem,
A jewel strung on the necklace of love's thread.
You never expel... I know it, I comprehend:
Gaining means getting united inside inmost feeling.

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Don't let me be lonely

(2314)  Parabo baliya saunge enechi

Saying "I'll make wear", with me I have brought
A wreath threaded with the medlars shed.
I have composed it on a string of love,
The whole day unattended.

This medlar is my life's essence;
In this medlar is fragrance immense.
If able to make wear, by that it will bestir
The swing of a sweet love-tryst.

On that swing the earth sways every minute;
On that swing pulsating, the sun.
At the touch of that swing in a wink vanishes
All pangs of non-attainment.

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Thursday, June 30, 2022

My Man of Mystery

(2313)  Ajanari sure banshii pure pure

Flute ever-filled with a tune of mystery,
Who are You that came into my psyche!
You arrived without notice, having come You gave no tip;
But with a thrill You demolished lethargy.

At first I could not think a bit;
What occurred, I received not a hint.
Afterward, gradually, around a feeling,
Through vibration You allowed ascending.

This sensory perception fits no comparison;
It is just unmerited compassion.
All capacity worldly and all logic,
Admitting defeat, they grovel at Your feet.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Have I not tried long enough?

(2312)  Shunechi tumi dayalu ami

I have heard that You are kindly;
Why don't I notice that in practice?
Calling and calling, wailing and crying,
My days, they vanish.

Many a night has passed without sleep,
Incessantly engrossed in Your reverie.
But You did not arrive, hey Companion dear;
Oh where did You stay hid?

Person Unbodied, You go on disposing the planet;
With mental honey, You coat the sweetness.
Setting me afar, what's the pleasure that You get?
I can't fathom by Your liila.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

So You are my Lord

(2311)  Bhuvane tomar tulana nai

In the universe, You're without likeness;
So You are my Deity.
In You there's no narrowness,
Oh the matchless Supreme Chief.

In Your light I travel by blessing Yours;
In Your song I stay absorbed, enraptured.
Mesmerized and impassioned,
Far off went the misery.

In some ancient past You built the world,
And since that day You got fettered.
Amid all, the jeweled luster on a necklace,
Feelings of kinship You embodied.

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Hear me

(2310)  Badhir theko nako priya

Deaf don't stay, oh Darling;
You must hear my story.
My inmost agony, fathom please:
Extreme zeal for gaining Thee.

In gaps mid sounding of reed pipe,[1]
To me call beams of Your light.
Mixed with that very light abides
The sweetness of Your doting.

My ray of hope is You only,
The sole foundation of all weal.
Yourself neglecting, without base I be;
Accordingly, head I bow constantly.

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Monday, June 27, 2022

His gay ambrosia

(2309)  Tumi esechile mrdu hesechile

You had come, You had smiled tenderly,
Pouring nectar heavenly.
I looked not back, nothing I said;
Infatuated, inattentive had I been.

Setting the latch, I was in a niche of dwelling;
Privately, I have thought of myself only.
A high ranking I've desired constantly in psyche,
On the bank of a dark stream.

Away You went, affection's yoke having left;
Neath that love, often the world dances.
Irresistibly, a painted flower blossoms,
Swaying to the pulse of Him only.

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