Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Together we all live or die

(2155)  Alakar dut ese hese bale

Come smiling, the Harbinger of Plenty[1] speaks:
"I have come, yes, I have come.
The grief I've seen, feelings of pain I've fathomed;
Hence I've come in a rush.

"This clash among humans,
I don't know why it happens.
As far as the wealth of all,
That in measure I have given.

"For the sake of everybody, you are with everyone;
To stay alive or die is self-interest held in common.
Of the same family all of you are a portion;
This fact I've imparted."

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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Without You where would I be?

(2154)  Tomake jenechi marme bujhechi

Yourself I have known; at core I have understood
I belong to You, and You belong to me.
Neglecting You, I've floated on a shoreless ocean;[1]
I admit: It's my own deficiency.

Does milk persist when minus whiteness?
Revelry, does it exist in sorrow and in sadness?
The world is Yours only, You are the epitome;
For Your kindness, everyone is hoping.

On land and sea, and in sky intervening, You are replete;
Lovingly, with shape and color Earth You have kept filling.
Yourself taking with, Yourself having wished,
Everybody dances round Your feet.

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Monday, January 24, 2022

My anxiety

(2153)  Ami ja geyechi tumi shunecho ki

What I've sung, have You heard it,
The words of my heart and psyche?
From what waves of thought had awakened,
That linguistic form they had gotten,
Touching my core, they are all anxiety.

With shyness of autumn's night-jasmine, via lips tremulous,
The words that I've spoken, mouth having blossomed,
Unto Your ears do those words rise up?
They are my veiled history in its entirety.

Throughout my life, Yourself have I coveted;
I want You now on the brink of death.
On Your account my tears are shed;
Struck dumb is all verbosity.

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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Thee to please

(2152)  Gan bhese geche tane laye sure

Song has gone afloat with notes, tempo, melody,
In order to gratify Thee.
By Your satisfaction a mind gets replete;
Everyone You have held dear.

Heaven's splendor had descended;
Earth had got a sense of vigor.
At Your touch speech had awakened
With fresh tune of new meaning.

With a septa-colored hue, Your chariot proceeds,
It makes the cosmos sway to cadence and beat,
At both times, good and bad, above everybody,
On the other bank of fancy.

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Friday, January 21, 2022

An inner journey

(2151)  Tomare dekechi gane gane

I've called You via many songs;
I've witnessed You at heart.
Mind endorses nothing more:
Draw me in by Your attraction.

What hopes numerous[1] that were at core,
In sum all did become the same color.
Having lost enough, they merged as one,
Most Beloved, through Your meditation.

Amid the inert You are consciousness;
In myriad[2] molecules, Psyche's Enchantment.
Coming and going for Your pleasure,
I move, looking Your direction.

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Thursday, January 20, 2022

My anxious mind

(2150)  Aloker ei utsave

At this feast of splendor,
Yourself everybody wants.
In Your contemplation everyone,
They go and become vibrant.

You are close, and this I know;
In my life, I mind that also.
Nonetheless, psyche believes not;
With eyes anxious it looks on.

You listen to everybody's story;
You understand everyone's anxiety.
Please come down upon the earth;
Laugh like a fountain of ambrosia.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Don't mind the bedraggled appearance...

(2149)  Kabe tumi asbe priya

What time will You arrive, Dearheart?
Watching the path, I'm seated.
An altar decked with sundry kit,
On it I've poured mind's sweetness.

With mental flower-necklace
I have strung upon love's strand,
On Your account I'm vigilant,
Mopping eyes, sleepless.

At this final lookout[1] of the night,
With the kit made wet tears by,
Even now should You arrive,
Kindly sit adjacent.

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