Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Your mission is my purpose

(2779)  Aloker jatra pathe

On the corridor of splendor,
Do remain with me, Lord,
That I may not lag behind,
In either crest or trough.

I have no fear of being tied;
So I plead at feet divine:
To accomplish work may I,
By Your boon auspicious.

Earth spins by the wheel of action;
On same stratum, cosmos and an atom.
With them myself please welcome
As Your willing apparatus.

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Monday, October 2, 2023

Apparently pleased

(2778)  Tumi esecho bhalabesecho, khule hesecho

You've arrived and held dear;
You have smiled openly.
A song You've sung with hopeful tidings.

On the earth heaven's quintessence You have poured;
On hills aloof, in blue of sky You have mixed love.
In a gentle breeze and life's cleansing aqua pura,
You have gone on dancing.

On ringing of Your ankle-bells the vast sky is vibrated;
By Your magic flute, both heart and mind are stirred.
Atoms and molecules, in thought of Thee, are fascinated;
You have kindled light-beams.

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Sunday, October 1, 2023

We play our part

(2777)  Vishvadolay dol diyecho

To the cosmic cradle a swaying You have given.
The world dances playfully,
From afar and near, in assorted melodies
Amid a song-stream.

Distinction twixt own and other it makes forget;
Both gate and window became opened.
At the moment is only going ahead;
Having forgotten shame and fear.

The world is Your dramatic performance;
What won't occur exists, what is will not happen,
Crying is just futile, entreaty is useless,
In raiment of play-acting.

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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Treat me kindly

(2776)  Jhainjha jadi ase, alo jena na neve

If a rainstorm should happen,
So that light might not be quenched,
To ever go singing on Your path, Lord,
May weariness not descend.

A tray I've kept filling with such blossoms–
By their sweet scent, ardent they make everyone.
What if they, having gotten parched by sunshine,
Will they start falling, dessicated?

With all sincerity, on strings of the veena,
Melodies am I rehearsing for ages and ages.
By the touch of a hand rough and heartless,
In distress will they be rent?

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Friday, September 29, 2023

By just love

(2775)  Urmimalay sagara belay

With rows of waves on ocean's beach,
The earth You had touched.
With silver stripes on wreath of psyches,
Floral decoration You'd worn.

You fulfilled the hope of three regions;[1]
Honey did You let be poured on the sea of love.
In a nest of consciousness, at depths of ideation,
You had come into fold, hey the Charming One.

With a flow of compassion You removed grief;
You bestowed liberation through dust of feet.
By splendor of light-beams with unending speed,
Both cadence and sweetness You had brought.

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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Don't turn Your eyes away from me

(2774)  Dure jeo na arale saro na

Don't go far, don't withdraw behind a curtain;
Kindly smile in mind's grove of madhavi.
Don't turn Your face away, don't stay upset;
On life please coat a gladdening honey.

To the mortal realm You have brought heaven's nectar;
My mental casket You have filled with ideation.
You have loved, and nearby You have drawn;
Auspicious day or not, remain with me.

Under the moonlight and inside darkness dense,
Always keep me with You ever, oh my Beloved.
Humbly this I make, I make this request:
Don't forget, though frail I be, I am Yours only.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

A new day on the rise

(2773)  Dak diye diye balechile

You had told, ever calling:
"Wakened, rise all you asleep."
Mixed inside both sky and air went
This same call, like shade of wasteland-tree.

A desert's heat on sands of early morning
And in woods with grass, fresh and green...
But in a floral garb at core of psyche,
Hair-braids tied and made to swing.

Upon horizon the call went a-gliding
Behind Eastern Mountain[1], a crimson dawn rising...
To the evening sun's glow ruddy
With ambrosia of love's stream.

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