Friday, February 3, 2023

It's taking a long time

(2531)  Khunje gechi jiivan bhare

I've gone on searching all my life;
Where do You lie hidden?
At riverside, in forest and on pike,
In pilgrim-sites, I see You haven't been.

Not a thing is in vain;
Having sought You, surely I'll obtain.
Through my tears, at home and outside,
I see where You have been.

So many lifetimes have gone by;
So many springtimes, they have cried.
So many ties have yanked behind;
Exceeding all, my heart You've filled.

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Thursday, February 2, 2023

To be of use

(2530)  Svapane jabe esechile

When in dream You had turned up,
Inside life why didn't You come?
On pouring light at break of dawn;
The sweetness, why did You withdraw?

As often as I contemplate Your news,
Mind goes sailing, breaking finitude.
Those with rhythmic aptitude, abundant or minute,
Unitedly they dance ahead as one.

I'll go on thinking of You all my life through;
I will stay oblivious to pain on the thought of You.
I've recognized that in life production of fruit
Happens on love's river-shore.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

A heady ecstasy

(2529)  Banshiite kareche utala

Something in a flute has made eager–
Heeds not time, proper or improper.
In a perfect fifth, the flute plays,
Holding on to me by name;
Lonesome I race, disregarding shyness.

On work the mind does not remain;
Always I hear that flute play–
It's ruinous and dulcet.

I think that I won't pay attention–
I'll respond no longer.
As much as it may call to me,
Though hearing I won't listen.
But not to listen I'm not able;
Upon thinking that, in shame I cringe;
You all tell me: What's this burning torment?

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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

If patient You could be

(2528)  Pusparaji jyotsnarashi bale bhalabasi

Bloom-lines and heaps of moonlight say: "We like
Your delicious smile.
That same smile having pondered,
We float on a stream of delight."

With only that same smile brims over
The lifestream upon the earth,
Hearts having filled with tune and rhythm,
Razing all absence of light.

With just a speck of that same smile, momentary,
Scattered are lustrous rubies.
Please halt for a while, oh the Ruby of Psyche;
Through the realm of form I arrive.

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Monday, January 30, 2023

By the very thought of You...

(2527)  Tomar tare ashru jhare, tomar tarei gan sadha

On account of You, tears drip;
For Your sake alone, song is practiced.
In thought of You, I forget poverty;
Just for You a garland is threaded.

You are the lamp of my existence;
In the rainy season, a kadam in blossom.
Mind's screwpine,[1] remaining awakened,
Your tale it tells through its pollen.

I affix a garland on my hair bun;
I array love's tray of welcome.[2]
I go on forgetting a hundred burning sensations,
Any and all pain, Yourself having contemplated.

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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Full circle

(2526)  Jaya shubhavajradhara shubhrakalevara

Victory, good lightning-wielder, bright-skinned
And wearing tiger-hide; Shiva, grant refuge at feet.
Victory to the horn-blower, ridder of affliction;
Shelter of all intellect, grant refuge at feet.

Triumphant be Progenitor and God, mantra-lord Shiva;
Transcendental, ever-new, grant refuge at feet.

Like a silver mountain made of honey, hard to get;
Bliss and boundless splendor, grant refuge at feet.
Victory to You, the truth eternal, stance supreme.

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Saturday, January 28, 2023

By Your peerless love

(2525)  Kuyasha esechilo

The fog had rolled in;
For a moment it had shrouded.
Your ray came, and the dark was abolished;
Fear of darkness, whereto did it vanish?

Oh God, omnipresent and resplendent,
Your light rids defilement.
Every pore of heartcore
That light, it had cherished.

Alone You had appeared,
And Your smile was honey-smeared.
At the depths of my heart,
That smile held me captive.

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