Friday, December 3, 2021

Your thought in every deed

(2104)  Tomar pane cali tomakei bhaviya

Toward You I move, thinking of You only;
Anything of mine still left behind,
Please wipe it from my psyche.

What I've done, what I didn't...
Is there much comfort or weariness in it?
That which I could not achieve, having come in human vessel–
Thinking is not work– but today will I think about Thee,
My heart brimming.

Light's flame in front, upon brow a tilak of victory,
Hey Deity, on the path will I proceed; do not stay concealed.
To Your satisfaction I'll go on doing actions by the hundreds,
Keeping You in mind constantly.

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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Your sight I won't lose

(2103)  Bandhu he bhuli ni tomay

Abiding Friend, I did not forget You;
No, no, I won't make the blunder.
You were with me, now too You've accompanied...
I know You won't go far off ever.

In the dark You are there, granting boons and safety;
And mid rays of light, You have danced in ecstasy.
With G-O-D,[1] You are in rhapsody;
But I'll not keep You at a distance.

You are in harmony with everybody;
You've been stimulating beneficial thinking.
To language of song You have paired the melody;
Forsaking Thee, I will not persist.

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In our hour of need

(2102)  Ami kusuma parage bhese jai

I keep floating mid the pollen of flowers;
And I sing in the cuckoo's plaintive notes.
In desperate hearts I am the lamp of hope;
I decorate trees in a desert.

Those who don't know Me and those who do,
Those who don't heed Me and those who do...
In the mind of all is the sweetness brought;
I convey nectar to the world.

Oh I exist for the sake of one and all;
Yes, I dote upon everyone.
Taking everybody and neglecting sorrow,
I race toward ambrosia.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

A false pledge?

(2101)  Aman jalbhara cokhe ceyo na

Don't look about with eyes so teary;
I am here, right by your side.
What has happened, won't you tell Me?

Who indeed is He that has given a mind misery,
Who did not comprehend the heart's story?
Who is He, the Ruthless One that has flustered,
Agony having inflicted inside psyche.

Word having given, oh Who failed to keep His promise,
Did not raise a tune on the strings of His veena?
Saying that He will return, He did not revisit;
Upon love, He has poured deceit.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

If it's got to hurt so much

(2100)  Tomare dekhiyachi alo andhare

I am seeing You neath the light and neath the dark.
Sometimes You remain in light, other times in dark,
Ever outside and at core of heart.

Your cosmic game is hard to grasp;
What a synthesis of contrasts!
Admitting defeat, when one will surrender,
Then You always yield to him.

What a sport of opposing flavors, what a mockery of love;
Such a joke: tears in laughter, grief in an amorous gesture!
Not a thing will I speak... do whatever You please;
But please just show mercy to everybody.

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Monday, November 29, 2021

Never fear the dark

(2099)  Andhar shese arun hese

At close of darkness, having smiled the morning sun,
You told: "I have come...
I've arrived, fear is no more;
I have brought the light along.

"The night's gloom was horrendous;
The long teeth of dreadful beasts ferocious,
They've all gone; now hope has arisen...
With light the world I've filled.

"Don't get afraid, anyone at any time;
Know that soon after new moon comes the light.
Creation, preservation, and destruction– listen,
I alone have bridled."

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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Please guide my ship...

(2098)  Ei anurodh prabhu tava carane

Lord, only this I ask at Your lotus feet:
On the path of righteousness my mind do steer.
If at any time I be swallowed by despondency,
Please hold the lamp of hope before me.

If ever hatred, fear, or shame
At any time impede my way,
With thunderous voice bring awareness.
In the yearning for pleasures worldly,
If the mind should become frenzied,
My dormant humanity please awaken.

On Your path I will proceed;
That I not stoop to evil deeds,
You Yourself, be the journey's pilot.

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