Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Let love cascade

(2480)  Ei alo jhara svarna usay

On this light-emitting, golden dawn
In new form You had come.
Churning honey hid in heart,
Like a kadam smiling, thrill You brought.

You removed the veil from buds of flowers,
Made exude the vital pollen.
You drew nigh those persons distant;
Any opposites, by fellowship became one.

The closed gates of mind were opened;
Through each orifice sweetness emerged.
Mingled with fondness were presence and dearth,
In my prayer and meditation.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

What a difference You make

(2479)  Tumi esechile kon suprabhate

On which fine morning had You come,
Smiling under luster of a rising sun,
Mixing floral pollen
With insistent-rhythmic song?

The precise date of it is not in mind;
Mem'ry to churn I don't desire.
For with that same pulsation, thrill of ideation,
Even still upon eyelids the very day befalls.

That Great Man are You, both mild and stern;
Resplendent is Your grandeur.
Contemplating You alone, I forget privation;
Night and day I remain in jubilation.

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Love's splendor

(2478)  Raunin phagun praner agun

March multicolored, life's fire
It did bring in jungle after jungle,
In forest after forest.
Dormant writing upon leaves,
By its allure it wakened.

Flower smiles, black-bee chants;
On air today color's been dabbed.
Rent hope discovered language
By the tie of fondness.

Not a bit is left to reap;
To Thee I call wholeheartedly.
Having approached, smiling You sit,
A heady scent in this garden.

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Monday, December 5, 2022

My matchless Lord

(2477)  Manohara he manohar

Hey Charming One,[1] mind-captivating,
Of the universe You are unique.
You displace the psychic gloom of everybody;
Brightly shining, You are very dear.

Where hardship's there, the suffering You realize;
On everybody's face You infuse a smile.
With light and shade, You go on making Sport Divine,
Hey the Primogenitor,[2] highly esteemed.

In the floral nectar You are the sweetness;
In the moon of firmament You are the gentleness.
You are the anxiousness of a heart afflicted,
Psyche's One, fit to be revered.

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Saturday, December 3, 2022

You light up my life

(2476)  Ei ghanaghor amanishate

On this same cloudy, new-moon night,
Oh You on radiant chariot, Who arrived?
Gathered gloom You banished, Most Precious Darling;
You allowed filling with light.

Where You exist is everything; near You will I desire?
Full has the ocean stayed with droplets Thine.
For everyone dearer than life, cosmically unstinting,
By love You vanquished heart and mind.

Even though unspoken, inwardly conceived have I,
In every atom of existence, in each heartbeat mine.
Without You it's hard to abide; so all go on singing
Ballads Thine in both good and bad times.

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Highlight of my life

(2475)  Anander ei samarohe

At this same pageantry of jubilation,
You alone I go on contemplating.
Neath the daylight You came not;
By black of night may I receive.

For You I yearn by day and night,
Tears shedding in woe and delight;
On stricken heart balm to apply,
Like You there is nobody.

With You am I in love...
You're the smile of my night's orb,
A heap of flowers multicolored;
And therefore Your hymn I sing.

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Friday, December 2, 2022

My Splendid One

(2474)  Kon ajana loke puspamadhurii

From some unknown realm the sweetness of blossoms
You'd brought with You, hey the Resplendent One.
With fresh rays in many colors
You infused a beauty all over the world.

From break of day up to evening,
You keep pouring luster, hey the Store of Mercy.
In the night, peace You bring, Lord,
Silent, still, and full of stars.

Inside of mind all the filth that had been,
On Your thought, faraway it left, dismissed.
Erasing attachment's grief with the light of love,
You draw to Paradise, hey Wisdom's Avatar.

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