Thursday, June 25, 2015


(292)  Kal ratrite jhar baye geche

Last night a storm raged
In the grove of tuberoses...[1]
And, with it, also in my mind.
You neither came, nor glanced back at me;
You remained inattentive.

Flower buds, from storm's injury,
Are dropping prematurely;
The fragrance of their blossoms
Has been washed away by moonlight.
Alas, You did not come.
Neglecting me, distracted by whom
And in which place were You?

My mental lyre, beaten by the storm,
Its strings have got broken—
All its flourish, where has it gone?
Alas, You did not come.
Neglecting me, in what uncharted land
Were You secluded?

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  1. In this song of mystic yearning, it becomes clear that the only way we may be alone is for Him to be alone... and is that truly possible?