Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Second chances

(289)  Amara jiivane tumi esechile

You came into my life,
Before my eyes, Lord, before my eyes.
On a gentle breeze with floral fragrance,
Stately fell Your divine feet,
Your divine feet, Lord, Your divine feet.

Though I had nothing, still You came;
You dampened my arid desert-heart.
All my qualities You washed away
With a shower of unmerited grace,
With that shower, Lord, with that shower.

In mad vanity regarding qualities Thine,
I had cast Thee far from me.
Today, once more, Thou hast come in my penury,
On the plea of a tear-drenched heart,
My humble plea, Lord, my humble plea.

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1 comment:

  1. A narrative song about "causeless grace" (ahetukii krpá), it aptly
    describes Áshutoś Shiva, our Lord Who is both tender and severe, and
    somehow easily pleased by His devotees.