Friday, June 12, 2015

On a wave of nectar

(287)  Cand ae akashe bhalabasa vatase

Yon moon is in the sky; love is in the air.
Who art Thou Who comes dancing toward me?
With the garden fragrance making my heart burst,
Who art Thou Who smiles while looking at me?

Today, rapt by music is the streaming spring,
Pon which the moon sheds her sweet smile.
In this dreamy atmosphere, Who art Thou in fresh attire,
Loving everyone so very much?

The flood of moonlight shatters boundaries;
The tuberose[1] arbor is entranced.
Today, my heart brims with abounding joy;
Who art Thou Who always rides a wave of nectar?

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  1. There are two eternal questions. The intellectual asks: Who am I? The devotee asks: Who art Thou? Both questions lead to the same ineffable answer, but the intellectual's question takes a much longer route.