Tuesday, March 22, 2016

His forest

(477)  Shal gachete tal damara tal gachete dhuna lo

Lo, on the shal tree is palmfruit, on the palm tree is resin;
On the palm tree is resin.[1]
Oh, He has left heaven and descended.
How difficult was the feat, so hard a deed;
He's given Earth new trappings.

Dumbfounded, I can only gaze at Him;
At Him alone I gaze.
Unbearable is the pain when my heart holds Him not,
But I can't hold Him in the heart.
I feel no fear, feel no shame; only love I feel...
Lo, it is He Who has loved me.

Even blind to His measured rhythm, my heart does frolic;
My heart does frolic.
Even deaf to His melodic refrain, my monochord plays;
My monochord plays.

No, I won't go home;
By way of the forest, always I'll stay with Him alone.
Oh, I will stay always with Him alone;
I will remain with Him alone.

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  1. Woman or man, we all have a lover and a tryst, where our whole world is turned upside down.