Sunday, March 20, 2016

Magic or Magician?

(476)  Vihan kale tale tale

In harmony with a morning melody,
On my way to the forest, You came.
You came to me along the footpath;
Swooping down like a kite,
You caught hold of my hand.

At that time, my bun ring came undone,
Making my crown of kadam[1] fly off.
Unsolicited, why did You come?
Just to show me a familiar path?

With the magic of Your melodies, my heart was won;
With the rhythms of Your dance, my mind got lost.
For what purpose do You cultivate such friendship?
I don't ask for You; but, ignoring that, You come.

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  1. Even He might like to be loved for Himself and not just for what He provides.