Wednesday, March 23, 2016


(478)  Akashe cumki gantha

In the heavens, foil is entwined;
There, the stars do shine.
In company of yon stars am I,
Awake throughout the night.
Awake at night I bide.

Due to gusts of wind that blow,
I fall to ground inside a palash grove.
Having gone soaring, I am stricken with grief;
At that time all are spurning me.
Again, that splendor of the stars,
From it I fetch anew a motley luster and hue.

Kettle drums resound all around,
And everyone's festooned in dance costume.
Having seen your Cho, I escape no more.
Why oh why did you neglect my plight?
You neither brought me home nor sent me away;
So tell me where I'll go today.
Now the Lord's my one refuge.
He's vigilant in these last hours of night,
Yonder in the eastern sky.

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  1. He is our radiant shelter. Where would we begin or end, if not for Him?