Wednesday, May 23, 2018

He cares for everybody

(981)  Tumi ucchala caincala e kon mayay

You briskly surge within this awesome maya;
You're the radiant lotus in everybody's heart.
Those who have been spurned, dwelling on the street;
Regarding them, You awakened fresh sensitivity.

Please arrive stately, enter smiling tenderly;
On a gentle southern breeze, lovingly appear.
You're the flower's nectar and the moon of distant sky;
Into this mad beauty show, come with sweet moonlight.

You are in blooms and fruits, at the root of everything;
You are on both banks of the rivers racing upstream.
Unparalleled are You, the most adored and esteemed;
More dear than life, by all You are received.
In the hope of Your coming, everyone is waiting;
You fulfill their expectation, bringing love's meaning.

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