Thursday, July 25, 2019


(110)  Griismavakashe se jadi ase

Should He arrive in summer's recess,
Both hands full, I'll offer flowers,
I'll give flowers, only flowers,
Neath the crimson sky, beside champak of morning,
Rhythmic, rosy feet, having seized.

Till now the cuckoo has some words to speak;
At dusk and dawn there blows a southern breeze...
But on the bough of palash tree, a nightingale is calling:
"The riverside is dry mostly."

Ashoka blossoms tumble rapidly,
Silk-cotton trees are nigh full of seeds,
Grape clusters flourish in tier after tier...
While swarming in the hiptage bower,
Bumblebees are buzzing, having obtained flowers.

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  1. There are many flowers under the summer sun. And there is promise of rains to come.