Monday, July 1, 2019

Endless purity and bliss

(1381)  Vipadabhainjana duhkhamocana

Removing danger and soothing affliction,
The star in everybody's eye, very well-bedecked,
At the start You had been, and till now You've endured;
At the end You will be, Existence Eternal.

Everyone's beloved, everyone's aim in their meditation,
With the strength of intellect surpassing measure,
You know how to dance, and You make the mind-realm caper;
Having stayed inscrutable, on eyes You paint collyrium.

Filled with Your endless liila is the whole Creation;
In profound wisdom absorbed, You have been immortal...
You are without slumber, You are vigilant;
Amid those who are stained, only You remain immaculate.

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  1. Like a sphinx He watches over us, always for our benefit.