Sunday, June 30, 2019

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(1380)  Kena go bhalabese kache ese

Oh why, after having loved and come close,
Far away You did go...
Rain-soaked peacock's tail outspread, psyche is frenzied;
You hid Yourself behind a screen.

Till now, alas, the flower-buds are enclosed by petals,
Though full of rhythm and with nectar all aflutter.
Oh my, their bosom friend, why is He just
Unmoved from afar?
Please come near, in this life commingle
With the outflow of Your juicy liila.

You are the base for all thought;
Everybody's psychic pabulum, You are without vessel.
Everyone's companion, everyone's sympathizer,
Age after age, filling up the whole Creation,
You move on dancing in the heart with loving sweetness,
Each and every moment, each and every instant.

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