Sunday, June 30, 2019

I will succeed

(1379)  Ami tomar krpay esechi

By Your grace I have appeared;
And I will keep engaged in Your deeds only.
Holding on to Your path I have advanced;
Surely, I will attain Thee!

In some unknown history
You had come beside me...
However many ages since, I will proceed.
By my side You will go on staying;
In Your colors only I will paint my psyche!

On some morning filled with flowers,
On some autumn, the birds calling...
With You I'd fallen in love;
I had lost myself in Thee.
That auspicious day I have forgotten,
But forgot I not my hymn eternal;
With song after song, I will make You pleased!

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  1. I will make You pleased. I will make You pleased with me.