Friday, June 7, 2019


(1356)  Ami tomay bhalobesechilum

I had been in love with Thee;
So why did You lose sight of me?
Consciously I had wanted suffering;
Both joy and sadness You relieved.

I had sunk down in the bottomless sea;
You sat astride the golden mountain peak.
I had been deluged with insults and indignities,
While You basked neath good fortune's solar beams.
How could You disregard my plight!

How many eons lives the love twixt You and me...
That is not known to the minstrels of history.
You are great, while I am very tiny;
So to my misery You paid no heed.

Whatever I may be, how am I not Yours only?
Whatever You may be, how are You not mine exclusively?
With the sweetness smiling o'er the course of time,
Still this topic sticks out with a zest for life.

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  1. Don't mind me... I'm just complaining. But still one query is there.