Monday, June 17, 2019

Spring has come...

(1367)  Amramukule kimshukaphule

In mango bud and guelder rose
You are wearing cheery clothes.
The woodland laughs with blooms of spring,
And now with modesty the psychic realm is smiling.

Dropping are the compound leaves of hog-plum trees;[1]
Abounding is the fragrance of gooseberry.
Along with the golden light on golden peak of mountain,
A golden crown sits atop the magnolia flower.

Over the rose-apple blossom with its bitter nectar,
The bumblebees are humming from all the four directions.
With a scent of licorice upon their hair-bun clasp,
Young women have forgotten household tasks.
With moonlit dreams and southern winds,
A brazen moon keeps calling them.

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