Wednesday, June 5, 2019

What do we truly know?

(1353)  Rupatiita prabhu rupe eso

Transcendent Lord, please come in form;
Grant embrace inside my heart.
You're the stone of philosophers, a quarry of thought
With a jeweled luster that diffuses love.

Throughout the ages, for You search all creatures;
In many forms, to find You at their core they yearn.
From birth to death, whatever is or not received,
The accurate intuition, it inheres to Thee.

I have gone and forgot when it was that I have loved;
Filling up my heart, I have sung Your song.
The little that I know, it's just that I am Yours only;
And You also are mine, oh my moon, nectar-exuding.

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  1. He is our everything... the only one we can know, the only one to receive.