Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Spring has come

(1368)  Phulera phutalo kena upavane

Why did flowers blossom in the garden?
Who knows, oh who knows?
Who knows that, who knows?
And not just in the floral garden...
In mind's garden flowers also blossomed.

Under the cruel fog of winter,
With its sluggishness of inertia,
That eruption could not happen!
Into life now it got swiveled.

Heart's nectar, petal-hemmed,
Now it found its bosom friend.
The august moon of blue firmament
Wants to move in only its direction.
On moonlit nights in company with it,
That tale is told in notes of rapid music.

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  1. Was it His love for me or my love for Him that brought this bliss about? What made the flowers blossom?