Monday, June 17, 2019

One song, one love

(1366)  Jyotsna rate niilodadhisrote

With the moonlit night on streaming blue ocean,
On a beach of golden sand
I will speak to You in song after song, my Beloved.
On a gentle wind, outspread are the petals
Of a sweet flower with my musical recital.

Rehearsed by me is only one melody;
With that melody, the heart is replete.
With its rhythm, in celestial bliss,
At Eden is a new vibration.

On my one-stringed lute is just one tune;
With all my love it is suffused.
With all my pollen and a blossoming devotion,
Into every ear I will sing a hymn.

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  1. On my one-stringed lute is just one tune, but endless are the lyrics in praise of You.