Thursday, April 16, 2020

It's a world of beauty

(1557)  Gulbagicay raunin haoyay

In the floral garden, on a painted breeze,
With what mania does pollen keep floating!
With sweet magic and magnanimous psyche,
Flower-buds, what do they continue uttering?

A blossom, having looked up at sky-blue,
Peers down upon drunk mahul.
Sunflowers, having finished staring at each other's face,
They strew nectar to an unknown place.

What the bulbuls chirp in words of song,
The shimul blooms suppress, an ache inside their heart.
At the start of spring, fire having fallen twice,
Why do the palash take delight? Greatly they excite.

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  1. All flowers dance to His tune. His love the birds croon. And everywhere is His sweetness strewn.