Saturday, April 11, 2020

My secret Lover

(1552)  Bhal go, pahare phuteche kata na phul

How marvelous...
Upon the hill so many flowers have blossomed!
A bracelet on forearm will I put on,
I'll bind a garland on chignon...
And on my ear I'll hang an ornate pendant.

Today, there's no oven-work in store for me;
Having tucked my sari in, I dance ever-swaying.
Husband's mother and sister have gone out for sardines;
But I behold, I perceive, the fallen buds inviting.

From the flower grooved drips a honey;
To the bloom distilled adheres a heady property.
Way over there is He Who is my life's Darling;
I await, I am waiting... plays a maadal without peer.

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  1. In a life of servile monotony, You are my sweet solace. From afar, You keep calling me.