Sunday, April 19, 2020

The night serves His purpose

(1560)  Meghe dhaka varasay vari jhara tamasay

Inside a downpour-darkness, mid a cloud rain-concealed,
I have gone on calling You through my tears.
By a restless wind, with its din echoing,
Kohl had been etched on the depths of psyche.

A blue-stibnite shadow over an effusive tempest,
Lord, what is this... a rock received its accrued tenderness!
After the flow of hailstones with their bellow of thunder,
In the dark have moved a heart's lost emotions.

I realize that this dark night will sometime be over;
All of this will reach an end, with daybreak will vanish.
Above my eyes on the far bank of gloomy ignorance,
A flow of light will be revealed at that hour gladdened.

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