Tuesday, March 23, 2021

From phenomenon to Noumenon

(1877)  Aj mane pare balukabelay

Today I recall on sandy shore,
Having gone to gather shells,
Our sudden introduction,
Oh my Purely Psychic One.[1]
On ideation's ardor You had been adjacent;
And in that I had been absorbed.

I could not fathom that 'twas after ages many
I was seeing You, hey my Sweet Darling.
From the days of yore You had been surrounding me;
Then You've come sailing in, hey Avatar of Consciousness.

I go on forgetting the day, date, and moment;
Once again that sandy beach I have not spotted.
I have kept it adorned only in mem'ry-flashes,
Your touch, hey Avatar of Song.

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  1. Once long ago I'd crossed into that causal realm from which I've come.