Sunday, March 21, 2021

I have tried every way

(1875)  Tumi je path dekhaye diyecho, se pather kabhu nahi shes

The path that You've revealed,
That path never ends.
Coming from no beginning, it goes to infinity;
Limitless is Your realm.

Yourself I have sought in a flower garden;
Now I am searching within mind's pavilion.
To reach You many songs having sung,
In this life, song's faint echo lingers.

In which way will I attain You, please do say;
For ages upon ages I have moved about in vain.
Though You hide within mirror of the mind, grant embrace;
Inside of You only, let my psyche terminate.

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  1. I've understood the need to go within, but even inside mind You stay hidden! At this stage, I can only pray for grace.