Monday, February 16, 2015

Dire straits

(235)  Bhramar kache ese amar caripashe

A bumblebee came near, moving around me;
Whispering the news, what he'd viewed.
You remain seated, waiting for my invitation;
Why oh why have I forgotten You?

Any living being, conscious or unconscious,
Can never be neglected by Thee.
Abed and dreaming, asleep or awake,
Lord, You abide with everyone.
We know not how to see; erring, we do not heed.
Though we know it not, we are in dire straits.

Days come and go, never looking back again;
Where do they go, I do not know.
Carried off with those days, where go the pains,
And where go the declarations of love?
Let me hold You in my heart; make me heed You;
You alone remain, let all else be gone.

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  1. He throws a lifeline to those of us who are drowning. We need only catch hold of it and hang on tight.