Sunday, February 1, 2015

Tortured for work

(229)  Krsna darashane vyakula parane

People of Vraja
To visit Krsna, in eager spirit,
With much trouble and much hope, we have come.
We would tenderly adorn him with red powder[1]
And feed him milk-sweets to his satisfaction.

In many different duties I am engaged;
There is no time to accept red powder.
Minister, tell that and explain to them
That they should return to Vraja.

People of Vraja
Tortured, tortured, you have tortured us;
You poured ashes on our hearts, on all hope therein.

With tears flowing, like orphans,
We go to Gokul to begin your work.

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  1. Krsna knew how to goad his devotees to work for his mission.