Saturday, January 31, 2015

Zero tolerance

(228)  Kamsadamane shistapalane

To subdue Kamsa and protect the righteous,
Certainly, for Mathura I will leave.
I go for a good deed, so listen everybody—
Allow me to depart ungrudgingly.

People of Vraja
This act we cannot gladly do;
Our moon's eclipse we don't approve.
Before your chariot we will lie;
By any means we won't let you go.

Charioteer, drive on, drive on over them;
Today itself, for Mathura I must leave.

Dear though they are, my mission will be fulfilled;
I won't tolerate their making any obstacle.

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  1. In respect to His mission for the welfare of all, Krsna brooked no interference. He gave no scope for individual interest to obstruct collective progress.