Monday, January 12, 2015

Tears of love

(214)  Ankhite chilo jal mamata chalachal

My eyes were moist with tears of love,
When He went to a distant land.
Gazing at me,
Gazing at me as if it were a secret,
He said we'd be lovers in the end.

Tell me, tell me,
Please tell me, you all tell me,
Has He forgotten everything He said?

He has not come back, no He has not,
He has not returned nor has He sent word,
Is He indifferent to my heartache?

I cannot ignore my recollections of Him;
The memory of Him still rocks my mind.
When I think I will not think of Him;
When I think so, it makes me think of Him more.
With which garland of flowers did He bind me?

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