Tuesday, January 27, 2015

In every rhythm

(223)  Chande chande tomari liila

In every rhythm is Your sport;
In every atom You reside.
In every pore You lie hidden
In every particle You dance.

In dream, I found You;
In dream, I came to know You.
In dream, I loved You;
I realized that You are my true mind.
You are the lamplight of every life;
You resound from every lyre.

In every flower, You are the fragrance;
In sandalwood, You are the coolness.[1]
In dense forest, You are the murmuring;
In honey, You are the sweetness.
Along an arid track, You are a waterfall;
Like the polestar, You reign ever supreme.

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  1. Capturing with words that which tantalizes from beyond their scope.