Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Token of appreciation

(209)  Tomar e asiima apar bhalabasar

For Your profound and limitless love,
What have I offered in exchange?
With both hands, I accepted everything;
Never learning to give; I practiced only taking.

With flowers, fruits, forms, and flavors,
You gave my life abundance.
The light of reason and exquisite sweetness,
With inordinate favor to me You gave.
Now give me only the power and ability
That I may ever hold You in my heart.

Abiding friend in adversity, all my heart's honey,
To the last drop, I pour out for You.

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  1. This song expresses a sentiment that I have each time I start to tell a personal story about Baba. My life was dry and empty until He suddenly appeared before me. I asked Him only to speak my name just once. He did so, and then He gave me a new name. And, thereafter, He never stopped giving. Unworthy as I am – sometimes reluctantly, sometimes not – I accepted all that He gave, giving nothing of note in return, having nothing but a pauper's purse to repay His limitless grace.