Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Life's splendor

(218)  Pita mata bandhu sakha

Father, mother, friend, companion,
Beacon of light in darkness—
Everywhere You are everything;
No one is ever unattended.

When sorrows prick, You are the transcendent lotus;
When pains ignite, You are the soothing sandalpaste.
For all loss, You are the philosopher's stone;
For the rose garden, You are the best garland.

You exist, therefore I also exist.
You alone are life's splendor.

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  1. "You exist, therefore I also exist"... this simple but elegant ontological assertion logically surpasses Rene Descartes' "Je pense, donc je suis" (I think, therefore I am). The philosophical syllogism expressed in this song is encapsulated in its three verses. (1) By definition, God is everywhere and everything, ever uplifting. (2) Such a paragon exists. (3) Therefore, I exist, and God alone is my splendor. With such a conclusion, this contemplative song takes us well beyond the periphery of ordinary philosophy and even ordinary rationality. It takes us to the ultimate blissful auxiliary, the neohumanistic realm of supra-aesthetic/devotional science (mohan vijiṋána).