Tuesday, February 3, 2015


(230)  Narada shona katha amar ei vyatha

Narada, listen to my words, this pain of mine—
It can only be removed by applying a devotee's footdust.

In a certain corner of the world, observe secretly—
Hidden are such devotees even today.

How hard this is, no one wants to give
Footdust for my dearest Krsna.

Everyone tells me: "I won't consider that;
Those are sinful words to my ears."

Brother from Vraja, tell me where to go,
How to rescue Krsna dearest.

For fear of sin, no one wants to offer
Footdust at this crucial juncture.

Resident of Vraja
Great sage, I know not if a devotee am I;
I have not heard such news till now.

Yet I do not fear sin; I am daring—
To cure Krsna, my footdust I will give.

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  1. This is a great interpretation of a classic story. I find it significant that this song comes immediately after the song in which Krsna publicly humiliates the people of Vraja. This reminds me of Baba's dharma samiksa and its impact.